About Ower & Chariman


Mr. Milad Bakhtiari
- Born in Tehran, 1886
- Metallurgical and Materials Engineering
1.Innovator of anatomical anesthesia mask and CPR in 2013
2.Winner of Golden statue of hospital management and medical equipment in 2013
3.Winner of Golden statue of management and country management myths Iran in 2014
4.Winner of forerunners of business in 2016
1. CEO in Association of importers Anesthesia and Respiratory IRAN
2.Publisher book of myths top managers
3.Publisher book of business forerunners IRAN
4. Founder Board of Iran – Taiwan Chamber of Commerce
8.CEO of Robin company
9.Member of the board in IRAN Union of Medical Equipment
General Conditions:
1. Company registered in the respective cities
2. Birth certificate and authorization from the General Administration of medical equipment Distribution Company.
3. Business Plan provided for each product on the prospect of one-year and five-year-old professional public
4. Having a specialized sales team by sending documentation and employee records
5 - Having an office fit a specialized distributor
6 - lack of criminal record and lack of drug abuse
7 - having the minimum years of experience in the distribution of medical equipment and supplies in case of history