Pain management and surgery room

Pain management and surgery room


Free-angle Oscillating Connector

Reduces Patient Discomfort

Rota-Trach Tracheostomy Tube not only provides basic necessities but is a “Patient Friendly” device. The free-angle oscillating connector is the most advanced patient friendly patented design. This feature allows the connector to swivel freely, absorbing pressure of any movement from the connector and reducing discomfort.

Rota-Trach inner cannula tracheostomy tubes are a push-click design which allows cleaning or replacement to be easily carried out. The built-in free-angle oscillating connector allows for maximum anatomical conformity and reduces patient discomfort. The tubes are made of medical grade polyurethane(PU) , which are friendly for patient tissue.

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Auto selector

Disposable balloon pump with flow regulator  AutoSelector

AutoSelector can be adjusted the flow rate in 8 discrete steps from 0.5 ml/hr – 7ml/hr according to your patient’s needs.

The AutoSelector is intended for comtinuos and/or intermittent infusion of medication for general infusion use, including antibiotic, chemotherapy and pain management therapies.

Multiple choices in flow rates and PCA options allow you to customize your patient’s pain protocol.

The AutoSelector is easy to prepare the pump can lie flat during the filling process for simple syringe transfer.

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Automatic Infusion Controller


The AutoClamp offers automatically controlled fluid  to the patient with precise and safe way of administration of medication

  • The flow rate is automatically measured by detecting drops which are passing through the infrared sensing device
  • Desired infusion setting value is maintained by adjustable flow rate controller at the lower compartment of drip chamber
  •  (ARMS(Acemedical Remote Management System
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