Close Suction System

Vital-Cath Close Suction System

Sucyion is critical medical practice that is often required for patients in ICU, and for patiens who has no conscious of clearing its secretion to avoid choking and breathing.
The major down sides of traditional open suction includes high risks of cross infection and intrerruption of breathing ventilation.therefore, vitaltec provides the closed suction system products as below


Vital-Cath Adult

Vital-cath adult closed suction systems have designed the unique suction control switch, the ergonomic design provides a comfortable grip allowing caregiver easier snf quicker suction action.
It also affers the convenience of single hand operating even to lock/unlock the suction switch preventing accidental avtivation.

سيستم بسته ساكشن


Vital-Cath 72 Adult

Vital-cath 72hrs with isolation valve is an advanced design closed suction system. Isolation valve can be switched off to isolate the irrigation chamber for a more efficient cleaning result,therefor prolong the usage life up to 72hrs.
In comparison with other major competitors, Vital-Cath 72hrs offers secure 100% isolation when valve is turned to off position, where as the competitor flip seal design might leave possibility of unsuccessful isolation.


Vatal-cath Neo / Ped

Vital-cath pediatric closed suction systems have one of the lightest weight connector housing designs available in the market.The light weight housing can successfully reduce pressure that pediatric patients have to withstand during suctioning.

The other critical feature especially important for pediatric patients is limited dead space design connector housing, it allows the shortest time for ventilation air to fill up the housing chamber so it can be immediately delivered to the patient.

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