Blood warmer system

AutoMer ll

New Blood/fluid Warmer

Abtain just accurate fluid temperature for your surgical patients

The autoMer ll Blood/Fluid warmer applies advanced dry heat technology to maintain even and accurate fluid temperature for your surgical patients. The single-use cassette reduces the risk of cross-contamination.

Now you have the choice and versatility of two warming cassettes to meet your clinical needs.

  • Operational simplicity: more notable buttons and display
  • Modern design considered space: vertical mounting for reducing dead space
  • Adjustable setting temperature: setting temp. 37~41C
  • Easier installation of the disposable set
  • Low & High temperature alarm
  • Easy to carry with carrying handle
  • Can be used alone as a warmer and also together with AutoPC ll

AutoPC ll new Automatic pressure infuser
  • Wider range of pressure setup : 100mmHg~400mmHg
  • Use of various reservoirs : 250ml, 500ml, 1,000ml etc. Able to use normal fluid or bloos bag
  • Safety alarm : over pressure(+20mmHg), Low pressure(-20mmHg), Sensor Out, Air leakage
  • Various application:
-Constant stable pressure fot BP monitoring

-Fast infusion for blood transfusion

  • Max pressure reaching time : 20 Sec.
  • Noise reduction
  • No need for extra power pack
  • Can be used alone as a pressure infuser and also together with AutoMer ll

Suitable for all standard anesthesia and various surgical operation with high fluid administration

Ace Warming System
  • Infuse fluid or blood at max.

30,000 ml/hr by AutoPC ll

  • Easy to transport
  • The temperature is adjustable 37~41C
  • System is worked with one power cable without any extra power pack
  • Economical by using individual system
  • Rapidly infuse warmed fluid and blood at the same time
  • Easy to use with standard I.V pole and electrical outlet
  • Heating plate technology protects from potential infection risks

To order the product, please contact our consultants.