Pressure Transducer

The Blood sampling stopcock – Marvelous

: No cap,self-flushing and close system



  • Reduced bacterial and air ingress – maintains a closed system at all times
  • Reduced dead space – assures flushing with minimal residual volume

Whether blood, the internal volume is constantly flushined by the in-line flow providing greater protection against blood clotting and bacterial colonization


Efficient pressure monitoring

  • Allows priming in a closed system
  • Assures pressure monitoring without signal damping

Facilitated blood sampling

  • Enables blood sampling with the benefits of the closed system and on-line flushing with minimal residual volume

Ease of use

  • Saving user’s time – No cap, simply swab and use
  • Shortens flushing time – no need to flush the side port

Compelet blood pressure system

  • Optimal transmission of pressure signal
  • Color coded labels for easy identification

Disposable pressure transducer

  • Full visibility of the entire flow path
  • Easy and safe priming and debubbling
  • Pre-calibrated transducer with constant electrical parameters
  • Modern chip technology assures extremely accurate pressure measurement

New concept flush device

  • General use : constant 3 ml/h flow rate at 300 mmHg
  • Pediatric use : 30 ml/h version is designed especially for pediatric use, employing a pump
  • When accurately maintaining a very low flow is required
  • Allows high flow, required for flushing blood from the monitoring line
  • Ease of use : single hand operation of flush device

Unique design cable connector

  • Easy-to-use ‘USB style’ cable connector
  • The cable connector has been designed to connect and disconnect easily
  • Protective connector sheath is water resistant and connects without pins

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