Free-angle Oscillating Connector

Reduces Patient Discomfort

Rota-Trach Tracheostomy Tube not only provides basic necessities but is a “Patient Friendly” device. The free-angle oscillating connector is the most advanced patient friendly patented design. This feature allows the connector to swivel freely, absorbing pressure of any movement from the connector and reducing discomfort.

Rota-Trach inner cannula tracheostomy tubes are a push-click design which allows cleaning or replacement to be easily carried out. The built-in free-angle oscillating connector allows for maximum anatomical conformity and reduces patient discomfort. The tubes are made of medical grade polyurethane(PU) , which are friendly for patient tissue.


  • Valve with cap
  • Soft wide neck plate
  • Free angle oscillating connector
  • Pilot balloon with size indicatot
  • Low pressure cuff
  • Push-click locking device
  • Metal free valve for MRI tesr safety
  • Radiopaque tube for radiological purpose

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